1.  Help, I need more instructions?

Complete and detailed instructions including screen shot explanations can be found here.

2.  How do I setup Wireless Transfer?

Adding Photos Using Wireless Transfer To quickly transfer photographs directly from your PC to your iPad/iPhone or iPod Touch you can setup a network on your PC or Mac.

For Windows Vista/7:

1.  Open the ‘Start Menu’ and select “Computer”

2.  Click on “Map Network Drive” in the toolbar at the top.

3.  Select a drive letter in the drop down menu.  Type in in the “folder” field.  Uncheck the box “Reconnect at Login”.  Tap Finish.

For Mac OS X and above

1.  Select “Connect to Server” in Go menu (or command-K).

2.  Type in Server Address field and the ‘Connect’ button.

For Windows XP:

1.  Open “My Network Places” from the Start button or right clicking “My Computer”

2.  Click on “Add a network place” link under the “Networks Tasks”.

3.  The wizard will open – click ‘next’.

4.  Select “Choose another network location” and click on ‘Next”.

5.  Enter in the network address field followed by “Next”

6.  Enter a name i.e. “Photo Folder” and click “Next” and “Finish”.

Click on ‘Add a network place’

 The network wizard screen will appear. Click on ‘next’.

If its not already highlighted – highlight ‘Choose another network location’ followed by next.

Type in the network address provided from Photo Folders App. In Photo Folders tap on the ‘+’ sign, then ‘wireless’ option. A box will appear with the address. Type in this address into the Network address:

If not already checked, check ‘Log on anonymously’ followed by ‘next’.

Type in a name for easy reference

Your done! Click on ‘Open this network place when I click finish’ if you want to begin transferring files. At any time you can open the location with ‘my network places’ and opening the ‘Photo Folders’ connection.

3.  Add Photos to Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via Wireless Transfer

  • Open “Photo Folders’ App, press the Add Photos button – ‘+’ select ‘Wireless’
  • Open the ‘Photo Folders’ ‘network place’ that we just created.
  • Locate the files you wish to add to Photo Folders
  • Drag ‘n’ drop the files into the Photo Folders Network Place or in the specific folder that already exists on your iPad, iPhone or Touch.
  • A progress bar will appear and your files will be transferred onto your device. 6. Upon completion, tap the ‘Stop FTP Server’ on your device. You images will appear.

4. How do I add photos using FTP

If you need a FTP client please try, FileZilla

Choose a Windows or Mac version. Click on ‘Save’ file.  Once the download is complete,  open the file and click on ‘Run’ and ‘I Agree’ to the Terms and Conditions followed by ‘next’.  Select the components to install – ensure that the ‘FileZilla Client’ is selected.  The remainder of options are optional.  Select the destination on your c: drive then click on ‘Finish’.

To transfer files via FTP:

Open Sort Shots – tap on ‘+’ and select ‘FTP’ a box will appear showing the host and port:   ‘Connect to Port 8080′

Open your FTP client, enter the host address into the ‘Host: _____’ and enter in the Port address in the ‘Port:____’ field.  You can leave the Username and Password blank.  Click on Quickconnect.

The ‘Local Site’ will show the files on your computer and the Remote Site will show the photo files on your iPad.  To add new files, point to the folder on your ‘Local Site’ and drag and new files over into the ‘Remote Site’.  Select an entire folder of images using the select all function (Ctrl-A).  Your files will be queued and transfered to your iPad.

Once the files have been transfered, you can close the FTP and click on ‘Stop FTP Server’ on your iPad.  The images will now be in your library.

Delete files using FTP by:

  1. Selecting the files you wish to delete from your Sort Shots library within your FTP client under “Remote Site” and press the ‘Delete’ key.  Select multiple images by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the file names.
  2. Upon completion, exit out of Sort Shots and re-enter.  The photos will no longer appear.

5.  My existing keywords are not appearing – what I am doing wrong?

You need to add photos via the Wireless option and not ‘from library’.  Apple does not support developers in their use of photographs from the default photo library and thus, cannot retrieve the sidecar data relating to a photograph.

6.  I am adding photos via FTP but no keywords are appearing?

Please visit the metadata page to ensure your keywords are being saved to your image files correctly.

7.  How do I edit the folder title?

On the iPad – two finger tap on the folder, then tap the edit icon (at the top right) and enter in the new title.

On the iPhone – tap on the folder – a check mark will appear along with a info icon – ‘i’.  Tap on the ‘i’ then tap the edit icon (at the top right) and enter in the new title.

8.  Using FTP, can I transfer an entire folder of photos and have them appear on my iPad?

Yes.  If you add a folder – both the folder name and its contents will appear on your iPad.

9.  How can I back-up my photos?

FTP a copy of all of your images and folders to your desktop computer.  If you are unfamiliar with FTP please refer to the instructions within the app or above in question #4.

10.  I accidently deleted the app and its contents from my wife’s iPad – can you help me recover her photos?

Unfortunately not.  Once the app and its contents have been deleted there is no way they can be recovered.

11.  When I export my photos back to my computer, my ratings aren’t showing up?

Unfortunately, there is no real industry standard on ratings like there is for keywords.  Hence, only a few programs will read the ratings you assign in Photo Folder.  Adobe software products are your best bet – Lightroom, Bridge, Elements.  Apple Aperture will also read the ratings.

12.  FTP is not working on my iPad?

Ensure that Wi-Fi has been enabled on your iPad:

1.  Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in the Home screen.

2.  Tap on ‘General’ in the Settings pane.

3.  Tap on ‘Network’ then on ‘Wi-Fi’

4.  Tap on the WiFi ‘On’ button.

If your Wi-Fi is on, ensure location services are enables for Sort Shots:

1.  On your iPad – tap on Settings

2.  Tap on Location Services

3.  Toggle the Sort Shots switch to On

For iOS 6:  location services:

1.  Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.

2.  Tap on ‘Privacy’

3.  Tap on ‘Location Services’.

4. Toggle the Location Services switch for Sort Shots to the On position.