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 Photo Folder App:  File & Filter Photos for Easy Finding.  

Find Photos using Personalized Search Criteria such as Custom Folders, Keywords & Ratings.  

ADD Photos, CREATE Folders and DROP IN!  

Plus, Take Advantage of Optional Photo Organizing Functions:

  • Keywords – Use existing or add new keywords to an image’s metadata
  • Ratings 
  • Change the Order of a Photo Slideshow
  • Geocoding to view where your photo was taken on Google Maps™.
  • Metadata viewer
  • Plus a whole bunch more…

Intuitive Way to Manage & Organize Photographs is Now Available in the iTunes for:

iPhone        iPad         iPad2         iPod Touch 

Folders & Filters = Refined Photo Finding

File:  Create personalized folders and sub-folders

Filter:  Keywords contained within an images metadata, ratings or favorites.

Find:  Quickly search through your photo library

Flow:  Change the order of your photos


  • Folders:  Create multiple folders, sub-folders, sub-sub folders, sub-sub-sub folders, sub…well, you get the idea.  Lots of layers.
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop one or more photos into a folder with a copy or move option.
  • Filters:  Search photos using a multitude of criteria including: keywords, ratings or favorites.
  • Keywords:  Photos added via FTP will keep existing keywords with your photos and automatically be added to your keywords in Photo Folders.
  • Keywords:  Create and Add new keywords to your photographs.
  • Rate:  Assess an image and assign a rating between 1 to 5
  • Sequence:  Re-order your photos in either a custom, name, date, size or rating preference.
  • Slideshow:  Play a slideshow with music from your library
  • Zoom-in/out:  Check the focus of your image using the pinch in/out feature
  • Metadata:  Everything from Aperture to White Balance – it’s all there
  • Geotagging:  Photographs that contain GPS Latitude & Longitude information can view the location on Google maps in either a Standard, Satellite or Hybrid map
  • Social Media:  Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr
  • E-mail:  Select one or more photos and E-mail the images.
  • Library:  Save a image to the default photo library
  • Resolution:  Photo resolution is never manipulated by Photo Folders giving you complete flexibility on exporting photographs
  • Rotation:  Photos can be easily rotated
  • File Renaming:  Individual files can be renamed
  • File Names:  Setting allow you to choose whether to show or hide your file names
  • Ratings:  Settings allow you to turn on or off the ratings underneath your thumbnail images.
  • Slideshow Options:  Transitions (nine options), time, repeat and shuffle

Photo Folder – a Flexible yet Personalized Photo Organizer App.  

Arrange photos in folders and sub-folders or use filters (keywords, ratings, favorites) to find your photos.  Geocoding data displays where an image was taken on Google maps.  Plus, this .APP™ & .PHOTO™ allows you to view a photos metadata and arrange the order of your photos (manual, rating, date, file size) and play a slideshow.  Additionally, you can easily share images on popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr), play a slideshow or e-mail to friends. 

Photo Folders Intuitive Design, Multitude of Features and Flexible Search Criteria Produce the Perfect Photo Finding Application!

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